Friday, February 18, 2011

Cebu Bloggers Society

IF YOU'RE looking for a group that flaunts Cebu City, you'll have hundreds of results. One of the line-up of names of those groups would include nothing less than the Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS).

The Cebu Bloggers Society is widely known for it's uniqueness of flaunting Cebu not only to the different parts of the country but to the world as well. So what makes CBS a unique group among the others? Good question! CBS promotes the Queen City of the South in terms of blogging.
Numerous organizations help promote Cebu City through writing, televising, and speech -very common channels of handing down messages to people may it be locally or internationally. These means of communication in promoting Cebu are hard to achieve when you have small budget.

Differ blogging. Blogging as it sounds, is very fun to do. You need less speech, less chattering and less watching. You make your fingers do the talking. Yes! That  unique! Aside from the fact that you only need a creative mind to publish out attractive articles in the net, you can create it all for free.

The Cebu Bloggers Society has transformed the face of blogging in Cebu. Founder Mark Monta has started it all; from quite a number of Information Technology (IT) enthusiasts now comes a group of a hundred Cebuanos gathering for one goal- promote Cebu through blogging.

From simple online journals, our blogs have become vital to the society making us more determined to work further at our best. Blogging at times, is considered as a media and we have turned into media people.

CBS participates both government and non-government activities. Its members have learned and experienced many things that made them better beings in the community. All these and more have made Cebu Bloggers Society a multi-awarded group in Cebu.

Being a member of CBS, I can say that the best thing about the organization is the treatment of one another. The creation of the group turned out to be a creation of a family with members of pure creativity and personalities from photography, to graphics to writing, to encoding, to video and a whole lot more!

Cebu Bloggers Society on 3!
In celebration of the 3rd year founding anniversary of the Cebu Bloggers Society, the group opened its doors to its newest members last February 19, 2011 at PAGCOR, Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite BranchThe gathering was simple yet a memorable one as members introduced their selves, chattered about their blogs, played games and enjoyed the food prepared on their tables.

Big thanks goes to Mr. Renato Z. Osmeña Jr. of PAGCOR, Casino Filipino Parkmall Satellite Branch for the venue and Holister, Inc. for the overall set-up of the place. You made our celebration successful.

Throughout the years, the Cebu Bloggers Society has and will continue to live up its goal in promoting Cebu Province by means of blogging. Congratulations Cebu Bloggers Society! More power to us all!

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