Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December: Christmas, Thanksgiving and Reflections

Let's all celebrate! December is here!
Today, the last month of the year starts its countdown from 1 to 31. Time to wrap up annual tokens, hang up colorful lanterns, alter red curtains, embellish cabinets with socks, decorate series lights, top our shelves with snowman figurines and so much more.

When it's Christmas Season, there are a whole lot of things to do that is very fun. It should be fun. Though December denotes that the year is about to end, everybody should be merry and joyful.
We should be thankful that we have arrived on this day alive and kicking. For God, who has given you the best gift ever, what will you give Him back on His birthday?

Addressing you these questions could be quite advance, but allow me to do it so- "How is your 2010?", "What did you accomplished?", "Did you lived up your Christmas Resolutions of last year?". Many of you may have the answer 'yes', but some have the n'o'. Santa is coming so you better be good ;)

2010, thank you!
Talking about this year would make me a very dramatic person. 2010 has given me bountiful opportunities and happenings that, for sure, will be reflected in a way or another on what will I be in the years to come.

This is the year that I boomed. And by the term 'boomed', I mean that I have been involved in so many things, I never thought I could be a part of. I have met so many kind and loving friends and had chances in attending sublime events.

Enjoy Christmas Season
It's not all the time wherein you get to bond with your family. This Christmas Season, don't let it end without exchanging hugs, kisses and 'I love yous' with them. Make peace to those you have confronted and find forgiveness to those you have made sins.

May God enrich our lives abundantly, fulfilling our earnest longings, answering our prayers and hold us closely in his loving hands. Enjoy your Christmas!

Adventurouslei <3


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