Thursday, February 9, 2017

JBL Rolls Out New Audio Equipment that Suit the Active Lifestyle

High quality sound. This is primary the factor to consider when buying an audio equipment and this is a standard attribute of JBL.

For years, JBL has provided consumers amplified lifestyle with its array of portables, headphones and home theatre systems.
With its continuing efforts to amplify more lifestyles and adhere to the ever changing desires of its consumers, JBL rolled out new products.

Ideal for outdoor adventures, the ultra-compact and versatile JBL Clip 2 packs a mean punch with its sound quality, bluetooth capability, and eight hours of amplified play.  Alongside it is the JBL Charge 3 waterproof speakers, which boasts of its powerful, yet balanced, sound performance and bass, 15 hours of play, and JBL Connect function - allowing you to connect with other compatible JBL products. Available in five colors, the JBL Charge 3 is bluetooth capable and comes with a built-in USB port that allows users to plug in and power phones and tablets without interrupting the listening experience.
JBL Clip 2

JBL Charge 3
Those who are always on-the-go can also look forward to JBL’s signature sound and excellent  base performance with the JBL E Series and T Series.

Initially launch in the Philippines last November, the new E Series is a perfect match for stylish music lovers who crave for aesthetics, comfort, and sound quality. Available in both in-ear and on-ear models, all are equipped with a built-in microphone and features an ergonomic design for comfort - especially for the wireless headphones E55 BT, E45BT, and E25BT headphones. While, seamless listening experience can also be enjoyed with the E35 and E15 headphones, thanks to its tangle-free cables. Music lovers looking for a frills-free experience, without sacrificing the sound quality and JBL Pure Bass, can look forward to the T Series - such as the wireless T450BT and wired T450, T290, T210, T110 headphones.

JBL T210

Sports and fitness enthusiasts an also experience great sound and music with the Under Armour Wireless and Reflect Series. Designed and engineered by JBL, the Under Armour Heart Rate Wireless headphones was made specifically for athletes and those who crave for an ultimate training experience. Equipped with a twist lock technology to assure a comfortable and snug fit and sweat-proof feature, the UA Sports headphones offers superior sound quality to keep your adrenaline flowing for up to eight hours - while tracking your heart rate with its in-ear monitoring and touch control feature.

JBL Sport Wireless

Part of its sports headphone line-up, the Reflect series which includes mostly wireless and sweat-proof headphones with highly reflective cables for night exercises. The new JBL Reflect Contour headphones leads the way with its best-in-class Dual Lock technology that offer a secure fit both behind and in-ear by coupling a behind-the-ear hook with ergonomic ear-tips. Also included in the series is the JBL Reflect Aware wired headphone with a Lightning connector for Apple users, coupled with the active noise-cancellation and adaptive noise control feature, which allow users to easily tune the amount of environment noise they want to let in.

Apart from its portables and headphones, JBL also brings its iconic sound quality to their consumers’ homes with its sound bars that top others in its class. Designed specifically to fit your home’s over-all look, the JBL Cinema SB250, SB350, and SB450 can definitely give you and your family a memorable listening experience.

JBL’s line-up of consumer equipment products are made to make the most out of life experiences through its unmatched sound quality, as it adheres to the distinctive needs of its consumers.

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