Sunday, December 15, 2013

Visit Malaysia Year Refreshed Year 2014 Promises Spectacular Happenings

Ask any Malaysian why tourists should visit his country, and the answer will range from the  mouth-watering  food,  diverse  cultures,  treasure  of  nature,  enchanting  islands  and beaches, to great shopping adventure.

Today, however, it is obvious that the country has never been more welcoming to both international  and   domestic  tourists  alike, than  during  the  onset  of  2014 - primed  to  be another significant year for the  ountry’s tourism industry, as it will be the fourth time it is celebrating Visit Malaysia Year (VMY).

The first  VMY  was  held  in  1990, followed  by 1994  and  the  third  in  2007, which  was  in conjunction  with Malaysia’s 50 years of nationhood. This time around, from now leading up  to  2014,  the  celebration  gets  even  bigger,  with  over  200  exciting  events  and happenings that will certainly delight both local and foreign tourists. In other words, VMY 2014 will be the nation’s biggest and grandest tourism celebration ever.

Expectation  is  high  now  as the spirit  of  celebration  soars. There  is  no  doubt  about  it:  visitors will  be attracted  to  the  endless  possibilities  of  events,  happenings,  wonders  to see,  do  and  enjoy, as  well  as sample  the gracious  hospitality of  all .  The  latter  is encapsulated  in VMY 2014’s theme “We are the Host”. This puts  Malaysians  in  a  very empowering position: to be a perfect Host to visitors and hence, ensure the celebration remains close to their hearts. 

Intensifying efforts to make events more exciting than ever.

VMY  2014  will  see new  creative  and  innovative  tourism  events  such  as “1Malaysia International  Shoe  Festival  2014”, “1Malaysia International  Tourism  Exchange  2014”, “1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism 2014” and “1Malaysia International Tourism Night Floral Parade 2014” – set to be more exciting, bigger and grander than ever.

Looking forward to Visit Malaysia Year 2014
It  is  obvious,  then,  that  VMY 2014  will  see  more  buzz  with  additional  activities  and festivities,  and the  adrenaline-pumping  sight  of throngs  of  people  at  tourist  landmarks and  sites.  While  all  previous  Visit  Malaysia  Years  have  proven  to  yield  greater  tourist arrivals,  there is  no  doubt  that  this  VMY 2014  has  the  potential  to  generate  greater results.  So much  to  look  forward  to,  with  more  time  to  enjoy  the offerings,  as celebrations  begin NOW! We promise that you will say: “So much to do, but so little time!”

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