Sunday, October 7, 2012

Parkmall Celebrates Month-long 4th Year Anniversary

October is a very exciting month for Parkmall Cebu as there lies the day where it first opened its doors to Cebuanos four years ago. In line with the anniversary, a month jam-packed with exciting events and mall improvements are carried out for mall-goers to enjoy. 

Speaking personally, Parkmall Cebu is my favorite mall in the province. I like just about everything about it. Topping the list of reasons is its uniqueness. It is the park with a mall, not a mall with a park. Having said that, it is full of environmental activities and events whether on days with events or not.

Going back to the main topic (which also explains how unique the mall is), Parkmall Cebu has prepared so many events for all the members of the family to enjoy- and when I say 'all members', that includes your pets (if you have one).

Here it is!

Week 1 : October 1 -7 | Nature Park Week
Week 2 : October 8-14 | Adventure Park Week
Week 3 : October 15-21 | Carnival Park Week
Week 4 : October 22-31 | Halloween Park Week

If you think that's a lot then you haven't really been to the mall. Everyday seems to be a party in Parkmall Cebu. There is always something good going on in the place.

I highly recommend you to visit Parkmall Cebu, especially this month. You cannot experience the events it is holding this October in other malls in the province. Go now!

See you around in Parkmall Cebu!

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