Monday, November 7, 2011


Find fun in buying bids and participating in an exciting online auction at It's a newly launched site where people who wish to buy gadgets, food, travel gift certificates etc. at a super low cost are invited to join.

Bilibid ('Bili' is the Filipino term for 'buy') is a penny auction website wherein users can bid for a specific item using bid points. Just like the usual bidding process, whoever bids the highest price for the item, wins the auction.

Online consumers only have to sign-up in the main site, verify their account, buy Bid points and they are good to go in bidding. Bid points are sold through Load Central and Paypal.

What makes a fun auction site is its Countdown timer. Countdown timer determines the time left for the auction. The last few seconds is the crucial part of the auction because it is the moment wherein bidders will eagerly place bids on the item to prevent others from winning.

Certain items have specific last-second timers and one of which is the 8-second countdown timer. It means if someone places a bid on the item in the last 8 seconds of the auction, the timer will reset back to 8 seconds. This makes the auction longer especially when there are more users participating in the auction. 

Sounds really fun, don't you think? You'll really enjoy bidding with other online participants. More than enjoyment, the thing that you'll be winning will be bought by you in a fraction of a cost! Super save!

Visit now!

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