Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color My Taxi: A Global Film Fair

Are you into videography? Wishing to be into it? Here's something for you! Omnilogy Inc. together with Media For Social Impact (MFSI) invites you to a global film fair coined 'Color My Taxi'.

This workshop is a platform for you do develop your skills in terms of filmmaking that will help you in your quest for international production assignments/work.

Case Method of Instruction
Case method focuses on the creative & analytical thinking of participants.

In order to maximize your program experience and since you only have one week each month for 5 months, we ask that you attend all class sessions on time and in study groups during the duration of the program.

Cell Phones, iPhones, Blackberries, etc.
As a courtesy to our faculty and the other program participants, please turn off cell phones, Iphones and others during class unless required by class such as during social media seminar sessions where use of these technology is highly encouraged.

Due to the limited time, we strongly recommend that participants focus solely on the allocated number of hours for this particular program week.

Study Groups
Each participant will be assigned to a study group. It is the responsibility of each group to schedule study group sessions or meetings prior to each 5-day intensive program each month to work on readings and task assignments. The group meetings will allow participants to review and discuss the case materials in the informal setting of a small group without the instructor. Participants are expected to go to each study group meeting and contribute to the discussion.

The value of these groups depends on the members’ preparation and ability to work together, including the ability to consider and value different viewpoints, to disagree constructively, and to find integrative solutions. The benefit that each individual gains from participating in case discussions is related directly to the amount of thought and effort devoted to case preparation before the discussion.

Course Requirement:
Any laptop
Any Video Camera

Tuition Fee
Published course rate for 5 months: P32,500 (Daily, 5 days a month for 5 months)

Early Bird Special: Program participant will only pay P 30,000 if full payment for before September 16.

Down payment: P 6,500.00 due no later than September 9.
1st payment: P 13,000.00 due on or before September 16. (Last day to enroll)
Final payment: P 13,000.00 due on or before November 14
Summary of Course Details (5 days/month for 5 months)
September 26 & 27: Registration Dates

Media Production:
Filmmaking Basics (Ideation 5 Top Stories & Relevance of the topic)
  • Syd Field's Paradigm
  • Eight-sequence structure by Frank Daniel
  • Assignments from Syd Fields 'Screenplay'
  • Practical Assignment
Social Media:
To build website & social media profiles
Identify the key tools used in social media today
  • Terms and definitions
  • Social Business: The logical extension
  • The social web and engagement process
  • The operations and marketing connections
  • Hand-on: Apply what you've learned

Media Production:
Scripting the Top 5 Stories (10 min Each)
  • Practical Hands-on Scripting (Discussion and Structuring)
Social Media:
Create, optimize and promote film festival profile
Learn how to use social media to stay up-to-date on information and news
  • Two case studies: The women's fund of miami-dade county and SoHo Publishing
  • You are what you post
  • The new role of influence
  • Social CRM and Bloggers outreach/ Influencer relation
  • Employees as Change Agents
  • Using brand outposts and communities: Coca cola: facebook/ Coke zero: department of fannovation

Event Management: (Practical sessions and strategies as per phillipines culture)

Debates, Discussions and Brainstorming sessions
  • Skills to organize events
  • Knowledge of all technicalities
  • Ability to maintain proper public and media relations
  • Marketing ability

Media Production:
A shooting schedule including timelines, lists of events, and logistics
Evaluate the effect of camera position, angle, and movement

Social Media:
The opportunities social media offers
Learn how to use social media to expand your film industry network

Event Management:
Knowledge of advertising
Knowledge of catering services and various cuisines
Logical and practical when planning events
Designing skills
Media Production:
Capture images and sounds with cameras and microphones

Media Production:
Capture images and sounds with cameras and microphones

Social Media:
To attract visitors to your profile

Event Management:
Ability to identify glamour
Knowledge of law and licenses
Ability to manage risk

Media Production:
Transfer images and sounds from recording devices computer
Combine sound, still/moving images, text, graphics, transitions, and effects
Edit video and sound clips using a software program

Social Media:
Social Media Assignments

Event Management:
Knowledge of media trends
Marketing Management
Public Relations

Media Production:
These 5 short 10 min films on taxi and related issue which will be showcased as the 'Opening Film Series' at the gala opening night.

Social Media:
Will learn social media and all the tactics of promoting a brand internationally on various platforms

Managing ground events (launching, Opening and Closing of the Festival).
Will learn marketing and management tactics of scaling brand nationally. Will be involved with the team and
will learn the management aspect of film festival

For inquires and reservations, contact Ian or Lady at 514-8188 or visit their office located at 2/4 DK2 Bldg.,. N Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City. For background details, log on to

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