Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tibiao Fish Spa

For most of us, the best way to have fun and relax is through spa. Don't think about people massaging your body. Think about fishes. Yea! Fishes!

Fish spa is a form of ichthyotherapy that use small fishes to clean the skin. These little creatures exfoliate the skin by feeding on the dead layers. This method is safe and totally free of pain. In fact, the distinct tickly sensation produced by the skin-nibbling fishes add to the cleansing benefits and relaxing feeling.

Tibiao Fish Spa stands out from conventional fish spas because of its affordable rates and novel offerings. While most fish spas use imported Garra rufa fish which are expensive to acquire and maintain, Tibiao Fish Spa uses several species of fish sourced from the highlands of Tibiao in the province of Antique. Today, Tibiao Fish Spa has its own breeding facility to cope with the fish requirements of its branches.

For inquiries about Tibiao Fish Spa, dial (63)(33)302-9897.

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  1. I like the symbol of Tibiao Fish Spa very unquie one & ya ofcourse fish spa is best experience of having spa.


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