Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TV5 Announces Launch-date of Regional Newscast, Introduces Cebuano News Anchor

The Kapatid Network continues to expand nationwide with the soft launches of its local shows and opening of local stations.

TV5 EVP and COO Roberto "Bobby" Barreiro officially announced the launch-date of their first ever Cebuano program last June 25, 2011 at Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu named "Aksyon Bisaya".

He asserted that on July 18, 2011, Cebuanos can finally watch a news program that caters exclusive Cebu current events. The program will air on the same time-slot of its counter-part news programs aired in other stations- 5:30-6:00pm.

The launching of "Aksyon Bisaya" comes with a new tandem to anticipate every late afternoon of your weekdays- Atty. Ruphil Fernandez Bañoc and Darlene Sino-Cruz. 

Atty. Ruphil Fernandez as many vigilant Cebuanos can tell has devouted much of his years studying different courses and a Master's Degree but he is not new in forecasting news as he currently works in a local radio news program.

Some critics are raising their brows for the two new anchors of ""Aksyon Bisaya" however, Atty. Bañoc's statement during an interview- "I have a lot of surprises under my sleeves so everyone should await and tune-in my show..."- made the critics excited to see his performance. How will he be able to be at par with Lastimosa and Nalzaro? Let's see it soon!

The Kapatid Network keeps on adding new cell transmitters in Mount Busay, Cebu to clear up the reception of your TV5 Channel so don't miss the first episode of "Aksyon Bisaya".

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  1. I am proud to be one of the few privileged persons who knew Atty. Ruphil Banoc, before he even became a lawyer. Now that he is a already recognized as one of the top caliber lawyer as manifested by some institution offering/needing for his talent, I wish him the best of luck. Kumusta na brod ruphil. . .

    Gary from Baybay, Leyte


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