Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy: Have You Found Yourself Yet? - A Book by Amar Delon

Feeling unhappy of your state right now? Understand yourself and find out what you can do about it through Amar Delon's "Happy: Have You Found Yourself Yet?".

This book was recently launched at Ayala Center Cebu's Coffee Bean, Fully Booked branch last June 5, 2011.

The title of the book speaks much about its contents; defining oneself and managing the sadness caused by the hardships in life.

For people who are forlorn and cynic, I assure you that this book is way fascinating than hardcore emo music and thinner than the width of the sole of your black and white sneakers.
The book is sold for $16.99 and is available only at Grab a copy now!

Amar Delon is like anybody else. He has encountered many predicaments in life that mad him feel so weary and sad. Eventually, he was able to cope up and is now very successful in his field.

He is an actor, director, screen writer, author and an international speaker.

Because he wants to help other people to become happy, he wrote a book about happiness and finding oneself.

Thus, the coming of "Happy: Have You Found Yourself Yet?".

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