Monday, March 21, 2011

City Looks For A Modern-Day Hero, Search For Mr. Lapu-Lapu Begins

StyleFirm in cooperation with Lapu-Lapu Tourism, Lapu-Lapu SK Federation, Channel 54, Cebu Interactive Design and Waterfront Airport Hotel proudly present "Mr. Lapu-Lapu: A Search for a Modern-day Hero".

These days, it is in no doubt that countless contrite circumstances keep on accumulating in number in our community, in our country and in the world. These happenings continue to create great impact to the economy and thus need urgent actions. We need effective role models to take lead in the resolution of these predicaments.

Living as a hero is no easy task and so as looking for one. All of us are heroes but not everyone are capable of living up the might in us to take the lead in the movement for veracity. In this case, Lapu-Lapu City begins the search for a modern-day hero.

Last November 22, 2010, Lapu-Lapu City formally introduced to the public the 16 men vying for the title 'Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011'. Then on, the six-month long competition began. A series of activities and challenges welcomed the candidates that were unique among all the pageants in the Cebu Province.

Heroes are not born, they are created. The pageant is different from the others as the candidates were not just exposed to modeling workshops and pictorials but also participated different community outreaches, scrap drives, society services and others- truly magnifying the actions of a modern-day hero; just like Lapu-Lapu.

The search for Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 offers not only a glamour that lasts overnight; but a learning experience they can always be reminded of all throughout the candidates' lives. In the first place, the conceptualization of the grand event was without the idea of what one can acquire, but what one can impart and leave behind as traces of being Mr. Lapu-Lapu.

Aside from the prestige and honor of becoming the very first Mr. Lapu-Lapu, prizes and privileges are at stake for the winners of the pageant.

Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011
Php25,000.00 Cash
Gift certificates and products amounting Php50,000.000

1st runner-up - Php20,000.00
2nd runner-up - Php15,000.00
3rdrunner-up - Php10,000.00
4th runner-up - Php5,000.00

All the winners will get an optional free one-year modeling training by Mr. Dezter Alazas, Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 director and producer.

The search will culminate the night of April 16,2011 at Hoops Dome, Gun-ob, Lapu-Lapu City. Be there when it happens! Tickets to be sold soon. Stay tuned for more updates*

"Mr. Lapu-Lapu: A Search for a Modern-day Hero"
is brought to you by StyleFirm, presented by Lapu-Lapu Tourism, Lapu-Lapu SK Federation; co-presented by Channel 54, Cebu Interactive Design and Waterfront Airport Hotel.

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