Monday, April 26, 2010

Cebu Festival 2010

A jam-packed celebration is nearing its way this coming month of May in the Queen City of the South. For the first time ever, on this year 2010, Cebu Festival will be observed. Get ready for a big wave of Cebu round-the-clock entertainment. Beginning May 1 to end on May 8, expect amusing activities and over a dozen sports to be held at the SRP (South Road Properties).
With Cebu Festival's aim in drawing domestic and foreign tourism, it hosts sports events known internationally. Gear up for Motocross, Kart race, Cock Derby, Drag Race, Flag Football, Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Touch Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee and a sundown marathon. Cebu Festival will surely draw a crowd of spectators and contenders.

Moreover, Cebu Festival will host a series of social activities such as concerts, night bazaars, nightly variety shows, auto shows, agricultural fair and so much more- perfect for the whole family.

To top it all, witness Brian Lim as he attempts to break the world record in coloring the night sky with the most number of firework rockets displayed in one time at the SRP.

Cebu Festival will be an eight-day massive show to everyone. It will showcase Cebu's creativity, skillfulness and oneness to the world. It will expose numerous talents that Cebuanos are hopeful for that will open to a line of investors and opportunities to make it more progressive.

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