Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paramore Performs Tonight

Alas! The night has come! Paramore will make history in the Philippines' music industry!

Real Parawhores all over the Philippines will gather tonight at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds! Before the awaited concert will take place, check out these updates I received from a reliable source.

  • My friend just received an sms message from the concert producer and there will be around 20,000 people (maybe based on ticket sales) who will watch the Paramore concert in Manila 2010.
  • Gates will open by 5:45 pm but of course you can make your line as early as you want. Expect EDSA to be really traffic tonight.

Take note of the updates above Parawhores, you might have something to take into consideration for some of your appointments. Moving on, Hayley Williams' chattered out to her fans via twitter a while ago and guess what she said?

"Just got to the venue in Manila. Holy man it's the coolest biggest outdoor thing we've ever headlined. Thank you to our fans here! Party!"
Sounds like a very exciting night for all Parawhores in the country. Tonight will be a night of Parawhorific performance! Expect a night of scream and totaly rock! If you haven't purchased a ticket, buy one now! Time to 'whoaaa' out the night!
Just heard the news? For concert details click here

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